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Techrosters helps you get 3x more interviews. Upload your CV, Select the type of Job You Want,
and Press Start! Techrosters will mass Apply on your behalf Every Single Day.


Engaging with Techrosters didn't just modify my job search process; it revolutionized my entire approach to securing employment. I've never felt more empowered, efficient, and optimistic about my career prospects!
Swapnesh Kothari
Senior Data Analyst, Square
By choosing Techrosters, I didn't simply adapt my job hunt; I underwent a profound transformation in my approach to career advancement. I've never felt more self-assured, streamlined, or sanguine about my professional future!
Ankita Sharma
Data Analyst, Walmart
The moment I engaged with Techrosters, it wasn't just a shift in my job-seeking strategy; it marked a radical transformation in my perspective on the world of work. I've never felt more proficient, organized, or optimistic about my career potential!
Samuel Janson
Software Developer, Amazon

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Quick Start Guide

6-Stage Triumph:
Your Career Blueprint

We’ve meticulously designed a comprehensive six-step approach, serving as your
personalized roadmap, steadily leading you toward your career objectives.

Job Profile Assessment

We initiate with a comprehensive exploration of your background, career objectives, and preferences. This holistic approach, encompassing skills and aspirations, ensures a tailor-made job search strategy just for you.

Skill Enhancement Assessments

In our evaluations, we prioritize refining your job-seeking techniques to ensure a safe, effective search. Through meticulous skill assessments, we facilitate the development of your skills, fostering long-term career growth

Progress Tracking

Using cutting-edge tracking tools, we monitor your career journey. These regular, detailed progress reports become the guiding compass for our personalized job search and career development strategies, continuously adapted to your aspirations.

Job Search Assessments

We accommodate all experience levels, establishing a baseline for tracking your career advancement. From beginners to seasoned professionals, our job search assessments ensure visible, measurable progress.

Personalized Career Path & Ongoing Support

With deep insight into your career profile, our experts devise the ideal plan for you. They offer unwavering support and guide you towards your career aspirations.

Personalized Career Development Advice

Understanding your career goals is crucial for long-term success. We aim to help you discover the ideal career development path for your unique needs and professional objectives for the future.


What Sets TechRosters Apart?
Explore Our Distinctive Advantages.

Our commitment is to assist you in securing your dream job.
Our blend of cutting-edge tech and human expertise streamlines your job search for success.

Tailored Job Hunt Support

In our job search assistance service, our team of seasoned professionals is committed to assisting job seekers in streamlining and tailoring their job applications to attain their career objectives.

Supportive and Collaborative Job Seeker Network

Join a network of like-minded professionals, all working together to support, encourage, and inspire one another in their quest for successful job applications and career advancement.

State-of-the-Art Job Application Solutions

We provide state-of-the-art application tools and resources meticulously crafted to simplify and elevate your job hunting journey, propelling you closer to your envisioned career path.

Our Services

Low Costs, High Returns

At our job application company, we’re committed to providing cost-effective solutions. Benefit
from valuable job-seeking experiences at remarkably competitive rates.

Pro Plan

Targeted job applications

LinkedIn easy apply complimentary

Weekly spreadsheet update

domain-specific career counseling

US based support

Resume ATS validation

Ultra Plan

Everything in Pro +

Daily LinkedIn Learning Posts

50+ LinkedIn Inmail

Targeted LinkedIn Networking

Weekly report with position URL


Pro Ultra Max Plan

Everything in Ultra + Pro +

One Free Mock Interview

Portfolio Website




One-Time Fees

Platform & System Setup - $35

** This fee is a one-time payment and applies only to new customers. Returning customers will
not be subject to this charge. To be paid alongside the first month’s subscription fee.
ONE-TIME FEES – Platform & System Setup $35 **
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